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Catkins Nursery Horsham
Catkins Ofsted Oustanding
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Catkins has one large main playroom which is decorated in neutral tones with plenty of natural wooden toys and furniture, where the children are able to move around to access the activities on offer. There is a door from here to the outside area which has a soft surfaced play area.
Off of the main playroom to the rear of the building is the office and a ‘quiet room’ where children can take part in specific activities such as stories, phonic or maths work in small groups or to explore ‘treasure baskets’. This is also where the younger children can also have their sleep time after lunch

'Children are able to access the outdoors through a 'free flow' system during a large majority of the day as they choose when they would like to go outside. Every child has a Key Person and the children soon learn whose 'tree' they are on and who their special person is. The Key Person will be the first point of contact for you and your child and will get to know them really well. Staff have assigned working areas for the morning and are carefully deployed and rotated on a weekly timetable. They are assigned on craft, snack/game, outside, wooded zone and a 'floating' staff member who will take toilet training children to the bathroom regularly and do nappies, change any wet children or those who have got really messy after painting or playing with shaving foam for example.'
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